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In his beginnings he was a guitarist in several punk rock formations, until he discovered the drums and felt that it was his instrument, the one with which he identified most, with which he would be in more than a dozen musical groups and of various styles such as, punk-rock, metal, reggae, funk, pop or fusion ...

In 2005 he began to make his own compositions, setting up his own recording studio, where his creations dominated electronics with orchestration, giving a cinematographic touch to his compositions, coming to work for advertising companies, TV, theater productions, short films, etc...

Currently, David Karro is working on his live which consists of an audiovisual project, and his first solo album that will have the name "Emovere" word that comes from Latin whose meaning is emotion, get moving designates what sets us in motion so much on the outside, as on the inside of ourselves.



Participate in workshops and events related to yoga and meditation. Providing live music with ethnic instruments such as ... The Kalimba ... Djembe ... Hang drum ... Citara.wind chimes.



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Technical requirements

  • 2 Akg c1000 microphones
  • 2 Monitors and a wedge
  • 2 feet of micro
  • 2 strips of 5 plugs each
  • 1 Table 1,50x80cm
  • 1 HD Projector

Contributed material

  • Teenage engineering op1
  • Line6 pod500 Pedal board
  • Reverb boss rv6
  • Looper boss rc.505
  • Electribe mx
  • 8 channel behringer table
  • Macbook pro
  • Electric guitar
  • Carrillon
  • Rav drum
  • Energy chimes
  • Kalimba
  • Djembe

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